Carrot Latkes with Feta and Dill

I love soup.  We eat it nearly every day for lunch when it’s cold outside.  I used to make biscuits or sandwiches to round out the meal but since we cut out grains they are a treat, not an everyday thing.  I posted last week about my tuna melt patties, which I love for vegetable heavy soups, […]

This Week

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How are you all this week?  We’ve been getting some sunshine mixed in with our clouds lately, and the days are getting long enough that the mountain no longer blocks the sun by 12:30 (which it does for maybe three months of the year, super lame).  All in all, I’m feeling more positive and energetic […]

Project 365 – Week 4

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I’m taking a photo a day this year.  And this week Ria was not as into being photographed, although she is around, as you can tell  Oh, and my parents were visiting, so my mom is the lovely lady snuggling Sunny in the top row.  Sunny was making eyes at her grampa all evening.

Kitchen Daydreams

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 I’m very tired today (Sunny has decided that 5am is morning, I disagree) which is making me feel a bit day dreamy.  What does your dream kitchen look like?  This is mine: |1| Design*Sponge |2| more Design*Sponge |3| The Kitchn |4| Janae Hardy |5| and more Design*Sponge |1| Jeannette Zeis |2| Our Workshop  |3| Katrin Moye via Cafe Cartolina |4| RossLab|5| Husset |6| […]

Tuna Melt Patties

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Since we’ve started eating mostly paleo/primal we don’t have bread in the house.  I thought I would miss bread (I mean, I love it!), but I don’t really.  No sitting around pining for bread.  I do, however,  love soup.  Soup on it’s own is kinda unfulfulling to me, but sandwiches and biscuits are out.  I […]

This Week

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Sunny slept 12 hours last night!  I vote sleep training success.  At night at least, naps are a work in progress. We used the Sleep Sense method, which I gave a write up on Hellobee here.  Also, here’s my 11 and 34 month updates for the girls.  Sunny is just two weeks shy of a […]

Project 365 – Week 3

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(I’m taking a photo a day this year, so far so good!)

Baby-led Weaning and Eating Out

Baby-led weaning (where you skip purees, and start with finger foods.  Read more here!) is easy to do at home.  You can make sure there is food prepared that is easy to eat, you have a high chair, full body bibs, whatever it is you need.  If the baby gets too messy, you just plop […]

Grain-Free Almond Butter Cookies

I love to bake cookies.  I find it oddly therapeutic.  Something about the mixing and the rolling the dough in my hands.  So, while we’ve given up wheat, I’m not ready to give up cookies.  Ria loves to help stir and to roll the dough balls.  Her balls are a little deflated and not very circular, […]

This week

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Oh the sleep training.  It’s going pretty well, actually.  Hardly any tears from either of us.  Only now of course Sunny is cutting molars, which is killing her naps.  At least I’m not nursing all night, bright side, folks.  If you want to know more about why I decided that it was time to deal […]