Project 365 – Week 11

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 So this week I wrote on Hellobee about what Sunny’s been up to now that she’s 13 months old. We had some library fun this week, a visit from my parents (that’s my dad with Sunny on his shoulders), I escaped for some coffee shop sketching, we visited the pet shop (they love the fish!), […]

Lemon Roasted Chicken Soup

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This soup is a follow-up recipe to my Roasted Chicken with Lemon and Rosemary, so you should make that one first.  I mean, you could just normal chicken stock, but then it will be boring and won’t taste at all of lemon or roastedness.  This soup is a good part of the reason why I […]

Quick Roasted Chicken with Lemon and Rosemary

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Once upon a time, I only cooked with chicken breasts.  I never bought thighs, I wasn’t a fan of drumsticks, and the thought of dealing with an entire bird was just overwhelming.  Besides, two people didn’t need an entire chicken, right?  My freezer would have a big box of chicken breasts because I was convinced […]

Project 365 – Week 10

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This week: Sunny is still teething, poor little monkey (and a growth spurt?). Ria got her hair cut and no longer cries when I brush it.  We all went swimming on the snowy day and played outside the rest of the week.  Ria has discovered the car shopping carts at the grocery store.  I’ve been […]

Eggy Cups with Chorizo and Kale

 This has been a rough week for us, sleepwise.  Ria has decided that she is through with pull-ups at night, (with varying results) and Sunny has been up every hour for the past two nights demanding to nurse.  Teething?  Growth spurt?  I have no idea, children are a mystery.  Luckily I have Craig around, and […]

Oh so connected

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Hi guys, I’ve been making a few tweaks to the blog to help you connect with me more easily You know, like a contact form, you can find it in the top navigation. Also, you can now subscribe by email using the link in the sidebar. And last but not least, in the world of […]

This Week: March 4

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This week on Hellobee I posted about dinosaurs and manners.  Of course they’re connected!1) Drinking: Craig made a pot of Stash’s Ginger Peach Green Tea this morning and I’ve been drinking it cold all day.  Super yummy, even without sweetener.  I think I prefer it cold to hot, it’s my new favourite ice tea. 2) Eating: Too much […]

Project 365: Week 9

It was a busy week in huckleberryland!  Jen had to go back to school (sad) and the girls had their doctor’s checkups (all good!).  Ria was sick for a few days so I got some rare snuggles.  Then it was Ria’s birthday (3!) and I made her a new dress-up skirt which she looooves.  Next […]