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We have a giant overgrown plum tree in the corner of our yard and it’s in full bloom right now.  You get hit by this wall of amazing floral scent whenever you go in the back yard.  I can’t resist taking millions of photos, and I tried to only post a couple.  But I failed. […]

Project 365 – Week 17

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So this week we made a quick visit to my parents and the girls loved the trampoline.  We have blossoms everywhere (which will get it’s own post soon), and I enjoyed them while painting up Ria’s new big girl bed.  Speaking of big girls, Sunny is walking 75% of the time now.  She’s a wily […]

Paleo on Pinterest

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I love pinterest for recipe ideas, but it’s hard to watch all sorts of things scroll by that are full of foods I choose not to eat!  It’s much more inspiring to follow boards where people are pinning paleo (primal/grain-free) recipes, then I can do something more than drool.  Here are five great paleo/grain-free boards […]

Homemade Eat-More Bars

We went on a spontaneous trip to visit my mom yesterday.  Craig wanted to drive to Cranbrook to see if he could find the tufted duck that had been spotted there (very rare.  Running after rare birds is called twitching.  I’m not kidding.  See, you even learn British birder slang on this blog, I’m so educational!), and […]

Growing some flowers

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Okay, I believe I’ve mentioned that I’m a very rookie gardener.  I have been trying to figure out how to grow vegetables for a few years now, but this year I decided to be crazy and attempt flower gardening.  Last year I managed to get my little shade garden established in front of the house, […]

Project 365 – Week 16

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 It’s been a pretty good week!  It’s warming up and all the trees are budding out.  I got a new charger for my camera (yay!  back to the 5D!).  Went to Nelson, had cupcakes.  Painted a bunch of trim.  Saw my parents.  Good week.  Also, my family is the best!

Go eat at Bite!

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I took the girls to Nelson yesterday with my buddy Melissa.  Bought some new watercolours, very exciting (I hope).  Kept the girls from napping and paid the price (ever had a lanky three year old in a carrier on your back for 2 hours?).  Sometimes you just have to have a fun shopping day, however, […]

Other People’s Recipes

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Here are some yummy recipes you should make!  Hanna tested and approved. 1) Roasted Cabbage Wedges from Martha StewartI used to fry cabbage and sausage on the stovetop, now I just huck them in the oven together.  So much easier and possibly even tastier! 2) Filipino Fried Rice from The Kitchn This recipe seems super […]

Pretty, Handmade things for your Kitchen

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1 Market Floral Tea Towels by Betsy Olmsted 2 Flower Measuring Spoons by Beehive Kitchenware 3 Utility Spoon Rest by Pigeontoe Ceramics 4 Ceramic Pig Planter by Fruit Fly Pie5 Gold Zag Tray by Up In The Air Somewhere 6 Hello Spring by Red Cruiser

Project 365 – Week 15

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It was a cold and wet week, but we were playing outside any time the rain let up.  We actually woke up to snow one morning.  Blowing sideways.  I didn’t take a picture, it was too depressing!  Ria loves going for little hikes up the mountain behind our house.  Sunny is walking more and more […]