Dill-icious Asparagus Soup

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I love asparagus season!  We eat it every day for a couple months and then not at all the rest of the year.  It’s just one of those foods that I don’t find to be very satisfying when it isn’t in season.  Fresh asparagus tastes like Spring.  So does dill, which makes this really nice […]

Project 365: Week 21

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How was your week?  We had a lot of rain last week, which is pretty.  My neighbours have a larger garden and Ria loves to visit it and run around on the paths like a little maze.  We went to the beach to get some sand for bridal shower decor, Sunny has been a teething […]

It’s planting time!

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May long weekend is when you plant most of your garden in the Kootenays.  I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this much before, but if you’re just getting started you need to learn this things from the gardeners in your area.  When should you plant, what grows well in your area, what needs to be […]

It’s Bokashi time!

Worst photo ever?  It’s possible.  Will I take a better one?  Unlikely as it is compost! Okay, moving on from the photo.  I am a bad composter.  I pretty much just huck things in a bin.  I don’t turn it or anything and I mostly forget to use it.  I went out and made (asked) […]

Project 365 – Week 20

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We ran away for a few days!  Off to visit my family on the farm. That’s my excuse for no posting last week  That and gardening, it’s May long weekend and around here that’s planting time!  So, starting from the top we have: – One of my hostas out front.   – Sunny met some […]

Project 365 – Week 19

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It was a hot week in the Kootenays!  Kiddie pools and popsicles aren’t our regular May activities, but we went with it.  We went hiking and the girls skyped with Gramma and their little cousin.  Ria got her first ever wasp sting and broke out into hives all over her body!  We got to spend […]

Happy Mother’s Day

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I have to say that being a mommy has made me appreciate my own mom like crazy.  It’s hard work!  I woke up at 5:30 today (as per norm) and they both refused to nap (not normal, a special present for me today).  What I’m trying to say is that I feel it today, it’s […]

A Garden Update

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It’s been a bit since my last garden update, and even though these photos are only a week and a half old, it’s changed a lot again!  This time of year is just that way, amazing growth all over.  I’ll take new photos and catch you all the way up next week, but here’s a […]

I’m growing tea!

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Meet my new little plant friend.  It’s a tea bush.  I’m pretty excited, I had no idea it would be possible to grow my own tea this far north.  This variety comes from Sochi (home of the next winter olympics!) in southern Russia, which is apparently the most northern tea producer in the world.  I […]

Homemade Mayonnaise

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I always thought making my own mayonnaise would be tricky.  I made my own butter, ice cream, ricotta, bread, and all sorts of things before attempting mayo.  And you know what?  It’s dead easy.  For real, I think it takes about 5 minutes and uses ingredient I have on hand all the time.  The biggest […]