Linky Love

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Gabriele Galimberti took photos of Grandma’s and their cuisine from around the world.  It’s pretty awesome.  I lot of my favourite recipes are passed down from my Gramma I love this Delightfully Sunny Cottage Kitchen featured over at The Kitchn.  White kitchens with wooden counter tops get me every time.  Also plants.  I love plants. […]

Homemade Deodorant

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Sunny is my youngest daughter.  She is snuggly and lovely and hilarious.  Not long after she was born, I realized that she had brought a much less welcome gift along with her.  The gift of stink.  That’s right, postpartum Hanna smelt funny.  I used Secret for years and it always worked just fine all day […]

Project 365: Week 25

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A rainy rainy week.  Although nothing compared to Calgary.  Still, lots of inside play with crayons and grocery totes.  We ran around outside any time it was nice  My garden looks happy, except the poor little basil plants.  I think I actually saw them shivering.

Real Food on a Budget Part 1: Waste Less

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We spend too much on food.  Now I don’t mean to imply that there is some sort of magical amount that you should aim for.  $100 a week is never going to be a reality for my family.  I believe that food is the most important part of our budget, as it affects our health […]

Other People’s Recipes

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These are all tested for awesomeness in the Sandvig kitchen: 1| Spaghetti with Parsley Pesto from Turntable Kitchen (I used rice spaghetti and added a squeeze of lemon)2| Waffle Iron Fries from Just Get off your Butt and Bake (I used bacon grease.  I think they are like hash brown patties)3| Green Curry in a Hurry from FoodFanatic (we all […]

Project 365: Week 24

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I apparently choose my photos often by who has the funniest expression.  Also, my kids have the best daddy ever.  And finally, I looove that last picture.  Totally worth making them sit on a stump before church, even if Sunny started crying and Ria had just peed in her carseat (thus the rolled up leggings…). […]

Strawberry Shortcake

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Strawberry season has arrived!  Strawberries are another food that I don’t tend to eat out of season.  I love that first strawberry of the year, it just tastes like summer.  I buy flats and freeze them for smoothies all winter, and then we eat and eat them until the season is over. One of my […]

DIY Watercolour Feather Garland

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I’ve been rethinking my living room, and it’s getting all light and airy and pretty.  But meh, not enough colour. I love colour!  So I whipped up this little garland for over the doorway between the living room and kitchen. Then I decided to put it somewhere else.  I’m sure I’ll figure out something for […]

Project 365: Week 23

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Such a pretty week.  Warm enough for sprinklers and water play (and apparently for Sunny to never wear pants) but not hot.  June is a nice month, I think.  Ria watched Monsters Inc for the first and ran to get her pull-ups with Sully on them.  She held it up to the screen and yelled […]

Honey Mint Ice Cream

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It’s 30 degrees out this evening and the girls are running around screeching in the sprinkler with their daddy while I write.  In other words, it’s clearly ice cream season!  I love ice cream and I’m determined to give my ice cream maker a solid workout this summer. This ice cream is sweetened with honey […]