Project 365: Week 30

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Another hot summer week.  It’s supposed to be cooler next week and I will be happy for the break.  I love the light but it’s too warm at night. – Ria’s been helping me water the plants.  And she wears her swimsuit at least half of the time as we are in the little pool […]

A Little Kitchen Storage

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I’ve been tweaking my kitchen storage a bit lately.  I love my little shelves for displaying my bright pottery and vintage tins (they were my grandma’s).  I added a row of hooks underneath because I was really tired of stepping on tea towels all day.  Sunny can’t resist pulling them off the stove handle and […]

Project 365: Week 29

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A couple days late once again, but I had to get through editing five million wedding photos (roughly) before I finished up my photos from last week.  So here’s what went down: – First off, Ria is three.  This apparently means that she is too cool to have her photo taken with other people.  I […]

Justin + Jane

A few photos from a wedding I shot on Saturday.  I feel I still have a lot to learn, especially when it comes to those big group photos, but I love these shots.  Oh romance!  Congratulations Justin and Jane!

Project 365: Week 28

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I promise that I will get back to blogging properly.  And soon.  At least, by September?  Man, summer has been busy!  We got home on Monday and Craig’s sister Kari came on Tuesday.  The girls adored her and followed her everywhere.  I threw a bridal tea party and wore a large hat.  Where is the […]

Project 365: Week 27

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  So, here we are, a week late.  I know you’ve seen a couple of these already  We spent most of the week visiting family and enjoying gramma snuggles and puppy kisses.  Also, first birthday cakes and trampolines and fresh berries.  So far, we’re big fans of July!

Aspen’s Cake Smash

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It’s been busy around here!  Summer is filling up fast with parties and family visits.  I haven’t gotten through all my photos from our visit with my family, but here is my sweet little niece Aspen.  She turned one this week (Happy Birthday Baby!) and we did a little cake smash photo shoot with her […]

A little holiday

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Hi guys!  I am heading out of town for my adorable niece’s first birthday this week.  See you on Monday! P.S. Kiddie pools are the best way to enjoy the heat.  Well, the beach is nice, but the pool is pretty awesome too.

Project 365: Week 26

Happy Canada Day!