Project 365: Week 34

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I’ve been starting to feel a bit tired of taking photos every day, sometimes it feels like I’ve taken all the photos before.  I mean, Ria is in the sandbox every day, nothing new.  Then I look at my photos at the end of the week and am just so happy to have a record […]

Good Morning

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What’s nicer than walking out into a quiet, dew-fresh morning and picking some kale and little tomatoes to go in your scrambled eggs?  Not much.  I love summer.  Now to enjoy my tea while the girls run around in the yard. In case you think my life is total bliss, I have to take them […]

Photographing a Three Year Old

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Ria is a bit tired of Project 365 this week: “Don’t take my picture!” “You can’t make me smile!”  “No pictures!” “Okay, now you should take my picture.” Photographing a three year old requires, bribes, threats, sneakiness, and a whole lot of patience.

Project 365: Week 33

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Not much to report here.  We went to the spray park, and picked blueberries with Auntie Bri.  Otherwise?  Same old.

Project 365: Week 31

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Had to get this one up quick before I post Week 33 tomorrow! – Kitty kisses– Our favourite park– Ria was colouring instead of sleeping when we tried dropping her nap for a couple weeks.  Failed miserably.  Miserably for eeeeveryone.– I threw an art themed bridal shower for Rebekah.– Sunny loves to read out loud […]

Pretty things from Minted

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This post was sponsored by Minted.  A first for me I know, but I have been in love with their designs for ages and am happy to share the loveliness with you. Let’s take a moment to discuss Christmas cards.  Why?  Because I am over summer today.  Seriously, I love the tomatoes (love!) but am […]

Matt + Rebekah

Congratulations!  Your wedding was so lovely and I could see your love so strongly all day

Project 365: Week 32

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But what about Week 31?  I know, I know, I just finished editing both weeks (another wedding in there, so it’s a lot to do) and I have to get permission from a couple people to post their photos.  I try to be nice like that 😉 Onto this week: – Sunny loves her kitty. […]

A Homemade Cup of Tea

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My little Sochi tea sapling is settling in well in my backyard.  It’s still just a wee little thing but I’ve gotten a few cups of tea from it.  I’ve been mixing it with the spearmint from my front garden bed and it’s pretty much the best tea I’ve ever had. Apparently tea can be […]