Project 365: Week 39

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This week was a bit tricky.  I was without my favourite lens (it broke last week) for the first few days, until the replacement (upgrade!) arrived.  This left me with the long lens and the wide angle.  Interesting, but limiting!  Also it was dark and rainy for much of the week.  I’m making it a […]

Project 365: Week 38

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– bonus photo!  I accidentally missed my Sunday photo last week, so here it is – baking cookies for our camping trip– Campground wandering– Ferry rides– Giant cedars– Puddle Jumpers– I took this photo holding my broken lens together.  Sad!  I have taken 95% of the photos posted on this blog with my 50 1.8 […]

Fall Camping – Part 2

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There were a ton of different kinds of mushrooms!  We saw a bunch while hiking but also quite a few while wandering around our campground.  Also, bridges are fun. After we packed up our campsite, we made one last stop on the way home.  I love the giant cedars boardwalk, I remember it from when […]

Fall Camping – Part 1

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We went camping near Revelstoke this week.  Did we have fun?  Let’s answer with a resounding “sort of!”  It was a bit cold in the morning for the girls, we didn’t get much sleep, and we (I) made some poor hiking choices resulting in much child carrying and sore backs for all.  However, we got […]

Puddle Jumpers

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Sometimes you just gotta let them loose on the puddles.  Even if they don’t have any rain boots that fit.

Hiking in Kokanee Glacier Provincial Park

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These are the last of my photos from the long weekend.  My parents offered to babysit all three of their little granddaughters so that we could hike for the day.  I was very excited because a) Sunny won’t let us go on long hikes this summer, she wants to walk everywhere and disdains the carrier, […]

Project 365: Week 37

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This week was gorgeous and warm! – Lots of pears!  I’ve canned a ton, dried a ton, and still have more (with more being offered, thanks Tami!).  I think some vanilla pear jelly is on the horizon.– Lizard in the hizzouse.– Daddy!– Snack at the farmer’s market, bannock and concord grapes.– A visit in Nelson […]

Intruder Alert!

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So last week I was helping the girls find some clothes for the day when I saw a tiny lizard scurry past me on the floor.  I grabbed a container and scooped it up before Finnegan saw it (he is a mighty kitty hunter, and has brought me pieces of lizards as presents in the […]

Project 365: Week 36

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All the photos!  I still have two more posts worth before I’m caught up. – driving home from camping.– playing piano at the neighbours’.– peaches!  70 lbs of peaches that I canned and froze that week.– We came home in the pouring rain and Ria made a raspberry cake for me in the muddy driveway– […]

Wedding at Blaylock’s Mansion

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These were taken the same day as the salmon run photos.  We attended a wedding at Blaylock’s Mansion, and while the photographers were taking a million photos of my uncle and his bride (and adorable daughter) I was chasing my family around with my camera.  Because that’s what I do.  And seriously, little girls in […]