Project 365: Week 43

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I passed day 300 this week! – We’re expanding our garden for next year and Craig removed a little sick tree.  The resulting hole in the ground is a lot of fun.– I love the trembling aspen by our house.  I may have mentioned this before.– Ria hasn’t napped in over a month, then did […]

Project 365: Week 42

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What a gorgeous week!  I feel like we live in a golden wonderland over here (the spot of red is my little blueberry bushes).  The trembling aspen have lost most of their leaves and the girls just play out in the big leaf pile every day.  It’s been warm and sunny every day this week. […]


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Our house has a grove of trembling aspen on the edge of the yard.  I love having a little forest, especially when it turns golden and magical in the autumn.  Over half the leaves have fallen, and the yard has never been more fun!

Selfie Family Photos

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I decided to try and take a nice family photo of us for the Christmas card.  Last year we had three professional photo shoots in all, perhaps excessive?  I love to get photos but I was feeling poor and honestly, the girls are well documented this year.  Also, they tend to run and hide from […]

Project 365: Week 41

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Not much to tell you this week.  It’s gorgeous out but the girls are both sick so it takes some convincing to get them out there.  Ria is in her very first swimming lessons all by herself.  It’s a pretty big deal.  To me, anyway.  The last photo is my nephew, it was so fun […]

Rob + Marianne

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Dogs!  Chickens! Miniature goats!  Seriously, I need more photo shoots with goats…

Project 365: Week 40

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– Sunny and Ria both looooved this toy at Strong Start last week.  No other toy could compare.– Wrestling!  Sunny might be little but she’s the instigator!– Sunny loves to slide, she would spend all her playground time climbing and sliding.– A counting book.– My adorable niece and her pretty mama, up for my birthday.– […]


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I turned 32 yesterday.  My mom baked me a chocolate chip cake and brought it over with my dad, sister-in-law and my little niece.  I got a lovely scarf and jewelry from my parents (and tomatoes, potatoes, and prunes.  Not strictly for my birthday but still awesome!) and an air plant from Jen.  We went […]

Kitchn Cure: Day 3 (with a hint of 4)

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Yesterday’s challenge was to organize all my tools and gadgets.  Pretty much all the cupboards and drawers that don’t have food.  I was looking forward to this one as I had a some spots that weren’t working well.  Also, I have a dresser that I need to finish painting, and therefore probably shouldn’t have filled…but […]