Uncle Erik

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Craig’s brother, Erik was up (from Chile) for a couple weeks.  It was the first time the girls got to meet him, they were very excited to see “Uncle Erik be not on Skype”.  We miss you Erik!  Wish we could visit more often P.S. Sunny does have a bike that is her size, but […]

Baby Isabelle

I got to meet my cousin’s sweet baby girl last week.  Such nice baby snuggles!


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When did Ria get so big?  I’m going through these photos and she looks so grown up, and ethereal, which I’m pretty sure I have never been.  Beautiful girl. Sunny is obviously not as into photos these days.  I got her to stand still for a couple, then she ran up, gave me a big […]

The Gorgeous Georges

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Love you guys!  Can’t wait to snuggle the baby

Good Friday

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Flashback time.  We got together with my family on Good Friday for a little Easter celebration.  We were too sick to make it to church for Easter Sunday, so I’m glad we got a bit of Easter in. First, we decorated eggs with food colouring.  Well, some got decorated, probably a good third were eaten […]

Alana + Bill

Congratulations Bill and Alana!  Your wedding was so simple and pretty, thanks for asking me to be a part of it

Suddenly Spring

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Last week I still had the heat on, then two days ago the sun came out. It’s shorts weather, we all have sunburns and the plum tree has erupted in blossoms.  I love this time of year, our yard smells amazing and you can hear the bees and hummingbirds buzzing happily all day.