Tiger Lilies

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Peonies are my favourite garden flower (and possibly poppies) but Tiger Lilies are by far my favourite wild flower.  I love how they look like little lanterns, just the colour of a mandarin orange.

Is there anything cuter?

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We had a potluck out at our Pastor’s place today.  They have a baby miniature goat.  Named Buttercup.  I can hardly stand the cute.


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Out for a little hike with Melissa before she had Lewis (just before, clearly!) The last day of Strong Start for the school year.  I have to say, I felt pretty awkward not knowing any of the moms there when I started going, and now I’m going to miss it a lot over the summer! […]

Taking care of Baby George

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Sunny’s expression in the first photo kills me, that’s her very sincere story face.  They are so sweet.  Lest you think that life here is perfect, it all ended in tears a couple shots later.  I love summer evenings.

Baby Lewis

My dear friends, Noah and Melissa, welcomed their little boy to the world last Sunday.  Lewis is just as sweet as he looks!

We Like Bikes!

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I am so much more disorganized with my photo editing this year!  These are from April, shortly after we got bikes for the girls.  They had a trike to fight over, but neither of them could figure out how to make it go (no flat pavement near our house).  We decided to try balance bikes. […]


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These are from last month, I watched Aspen for the day and my girls were so excited to spend the day with their cousin.  Apparently a little too excited, in Sunny’s case.