We Like Bikes!

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I am so much more disorganized with my photo editing this year!  These are from April, shortly after we got bikes for the girls.  They had a trike to fight over, but neither of them could figure out how to make it go (no flat pavement near our house).  We decided to try balance bikes.

For Ria we bought a regular bike and removed the pedals.  We decided it was a better use of money, we can just add them back on when she’s ready, rather than buy two bikes.  The chain is still attached, but it’s tied up out of the way.

For Sunny we got this little bike.  It has two settings, the one she’s using now is more stable, and then she can switch to a setting that requires more balance as she gains confidence.  Sadly, it does not have streamers or a bell, but she was just too little for any of the standard bikes.  It does have a little compartment in the seat for hiding rocks and pinecones, so that increases the appeal.

And helmets are super fun, apparently, they would wear them all the time if I let them!

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