Daily Diptych: 61/365 (And a peek at the basement makeover)

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I had been planning on making the girls a doll house for Christmas.  I had it all worked out, and was going to use the Calico Critters animals, because they love them.  Then I was reading on Katy Bowman’s blog about the indoor monkey bar set she has and the wheels started turning. What if, […]

Daily Diptych: 59-60/365

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It was lovely having Jen home for Christmas.  My girl’s think she is mostly their friend, so she snuck over when they were asleep for some art and visiting time.  Finny apparently also thinks she is mostly his friend.  And also that drawing is easier with a kitty on your arm. Sunny helping the wind […]

Daily Diptych: 58/365

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Finally getting some snow today

Daily Diptych: 53-57/365

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My little farm girl in training helped her Grampa feed the cows.  Her cousin lives on the farm and knows all about this already. Our family Christmas party on the 23rd at my cousin’s house.  Gorgeously decorated as always and we all stuffed ourselves with amazing food.  Lots of cousin fun times, I wish they […]

Daily Diptych: 52/365

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Reading aloud to us from the Bible 😉 Okay, so I couldn’t choose today either, so you get four photos.  Today is the longest night, and I kind of love winter solstice, because I know that it’s brighter days ahead.  It’s a beautiful thing.  So we celebrated with a candlelit dinner.  It was grilled cheese […]

Daily Diptych: 51/365

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I couldn’t choose today, they are both just so dang funny.

Daily Diptych: 48-50/365

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Finishing up our Christmas shopping in Nelson. I may have suggested that they play somewhere with decent light… Making jingle bells at Strong Start. I have to say that I often am not super excited about my daily photo.  I’ll feel like I didn’t get a great shot, or that nothing interesting happened, or that […]

Baby Arya

While my girls were snuggling puppies, I got to hang out with this sweet little thing.  And she made us work for every half smile!

Daily Diptych: 46/365

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The girls came with me to take some baby photos this morning, and we founds some little baby puppies too.  They were enthralled.