Daily Diptych: 92/365

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Hoodie weather!  I’m sure we’ll get more snow yet, but we’re happy to pretend it’s spring while we can.

Daily Diptych: 90-91/365

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Strong Start.  A magical land of princesses and unicorns. Sunny makes the funniest faces, even while listening intently.

Thoughts on a Minimalist Pantry

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I cleaned out my kitchen cupboards last week.  Again.  I almost feel silly blogging about it because I have twice before been all proud of myself for organizing my cupboards.  The cupboards with dishes and pots and whatnot seem to improve each time, but the cupboards with food just look more organized for a few […]

Daily Diptych: 89/365 (and more)

We went on a slushy little hike yesterday.  And then hot chocolate at the bakery!  Seriously though, Ria and I spent most of the walk daydreaming about how great summer is.

Daily Diptych: 86-87/365 (and a photo of me at 3!)

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I was taking photos of Sunny helping with hot chocolate on Saturday, and it reminded me of a photo of myself at a similar age making hot chocolate, so I asked my mom to scan it and send it to me: And here is Ria with her beautiful newborn babies.  She’s such a kind mommy.

Daily Diptych: 84/365

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My parents came to visit yesterday and brought my little niece along.  The girls were delighted and craziness ensued.

Blender Tea Lattes (THM-S)

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For a long time I was doing very well with sticking to the Trim Healthy Mama eating plan, with one large exception: Lattes.  I love my hot drinks and having a yummy chai or matcha latte while grocery shopping (the Starbucks in Safeway is such a clever things) is one of the small luxuries that […]

Daily Diptych: 83/365

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Ria loves my book Lovely: Ladies of Animation.  It’s an art book by some amazing Disney artists showcasing their personal art (oh, and it’s great quality and really inspiring, worth far more than the $20 price tag).  Ria especially likes the Monkey King series by Mingjue Helen Chen.  So yesterday morning she was the monkey […]