Daily photos: 116-119/365 (and a warning to not read if you’re a vegetarian)

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On Monday we went down to Creston via Nelson and the ferry.  This seemed like a fun idea but in reality took a million years and we were all a bit grumpy by the end.  On the plus side, we were on the ferry for golden hour and it was amazingly beautiful. The purpose of […]

Daily Diptych: 115/365

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And then they went back inside.  I pointed out that they could put on coats.  Or shoes.  Crazy talk. Have I mentioned that there is no money that could convince me to move out east?

Daily Diptych: 114/365

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She would like a small furry pet.  And so would her cat, no doubt.

Yellow Pine Trail

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We went out for a hike yesterday and it felt like spring.  Apparently the East Coast has stolen all our winter (and honestly, they can keep it).  Usually I want to wear sandals in early spring and then end up in snow, but not this year.  The girl’s did amazing, Ria hiked about 4k before […]

Daily Diptych: 109-112/365

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Sunshine = happy kitty Little bunnies.  Sunny is wiggling her bunny nose.

Daily Diptych: 106-107/365

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Art time for everyone

Daily Diptych: 105/365

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Sunny could hug forever, she just doesn’t understand why you would every need to stop.

Daily Diptych: 104/365

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Out for a walk yesterday.  February has a very muted palette.

Daily Diptych: 102-103/365

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Always making nests all over the house. Yesterday was Craig’s birthday.  I made him cinnamon buns for breakfast, then we went to Nelson. Spoiled him with new hiking clothes and did a little family birding hike.  Fish and chips for lunch, bought mussels for supper, and home jalapeno poppers with our movie later.  And another […]