Daily Diptych: 145-150/365

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Little hints of Spring. They love to jump higher with their daddy’s help. Chives are up, they have been chastised for eating entire handfuls of the poor little plant. Playdate at a friend’s house.  Clearly blowing bubbles requires adequate protection. Sometimes I think “why don’t I take a cute picture of Sunny?”  And see her […]

Baby Nora

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This little cutie objected loudly to everything until near the end of the session we put her in that little dress.  Boom, sound asleep.  Clearly, this little princess likes to be dressed appropriately for the occasion.

Daily Diptych: 140-144/365

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Rainy Spring Days We were picking frames for Sunny this weekend, soon everyone needed glasses. More rainy days. And pirates.  In case it’s not obvious, the hangers and swords/hooks and the puppy on her arm is her parrot.

Dove Hill

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We hiked Dove Hill today.  Another new hike for us (it’s the year for day hikes!).  Every time we passed a rock, one (or both) of the girls would sit on it and say “take my picture!”.  Are they interested in photos, or just trying to get a rest?  Who knows, but I have a […]

Daily Diptych: 134-138/365

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Millenium Pi Day! This kid is outside no matter what the weather. By this point they were pretending that all their playdough tools were a family and were making playdough beds for them. We went to try on glasses, but it turns out that this kid is such a little thing that they didn’t have […]

Blagodatnoe Trail

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Yesterday we hiked Blagodatnoe Village Loop Trail.  It’s around and old Doukhobor townsite and has lots of old orchards and building remains.   Craig found some Western bluebirds, which is pretty awesome, and we all enjoyed some sunshine.

Daily Diptych: 129-132/365

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I was scouting spots for a photoshoot and I said “stand here so I can check the light” and they said “with our ponies?”  Of course with their ponies.  They got them at the kid’s swap the day before and they are soooo precious to them. As always, saying “Big smile!” gets varying results. We […]

Daily Diptych: 125-228/365

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Spring! A pop-up book from the library. I was going to take a selfie, but she was cuter. Getting some work done after the kids are in bed.  At my floor desk with my favourite lap warmer.

Daily Diptych: 121-124/365

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I’ve been bad about posting daily, but I’m still shooting daily.  I’ve been focusing most of my online attention over on my book cover site this past month, and I find it hard to keep up with both.  I’m not sure how often I’ll be posting lengthy posts or recipes over here in the future, […]

Five (Daily Diptych: 120/365)

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Ria requested chocolate cupcakes with strawberries on top.  She did the strawberries herself.  Who let her get so big?  Seriously.