Daily Diptych: 201-207/365

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Home again, to the mounds of laundry I love me some May flowers. Got my bedding plants in (tomatoes, kale, basil, marigolds, tomatios and celeriac). Excited for this year of gardening! I don’t know if I mentioned it, but I bought some basic concrete brick to edge the garden this year. Nothing fancy but it’s […]

Daily Diptych (and more): 197-200/365

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This one should have been in my last set of photos (as noted by the longer hair), but got missed. It’s been a hot May! We went down to Creston for a few days and enjoyed a beach day. Craig got an amazing sunburn, and Ria’s nose peeled a few days later as well. I […]

A Brilliant Adventure

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We went in search of the some waterfalls. We didn’t find them. We did find a lot of wild flowers. I’d say we’d try again next week but we ended up carrying the girls for a lot more of the trail then we prefer, so maybe next year when they’re bigger. They did, however, get […]

Baby Caelen

Got to sneak in some baby snuggles with my cousin’s littlest one yesterday. So sweet. So stubborn about sleeping for me. I still kind of wanted to steal him.

Daily Diptych 192-196/365

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Tami’s garden has a couple kale plants that overwintered and she’s been leaving them until she needs the garden space. The girls go and visit her and play hide and seek in the kale flowers and eat and eat and eat kale. Little bunnies. We went to the park and played in the swimming ponds […]

The Georges

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Love you guys! You can see their maternity photos here, and Lewis’s newborn shoot here.

Daily Diptych: 185-191

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I just can’t get enough of the evening light this time of year. Ria got everyone carefully arranged and then Sunny came along and decided that she wanted her bear (Chocolate, she’s a girl, because Chocolate is a girl’s name). There were tears. Oh the hair. We’ve had to switch bath time to mornings because […]

Lockhart Creek

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We went on a little hike and a picnic for my sister in law’s birthday last week at Lockhart Creek Park.  I was a gorgeous day

Daily Diptych: 175-184

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For those of you paying attention, she’s had that paper crown since their birthday party. Nearly three months. It’s amazing. We went to Creston for the week, and I brought my camera but no card! I was so upset.  When I realized, Craig was out with the other camera so I had to borrow my […]