Summit Lake 2015

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We spent last week camping at Summit Lake. We used to camp there with my cousins when we were kids, so it was a lot of fun bringing our expanded families to make new memories. On the first day we were the only one’s there until supper time (we live the closest) so we enjoyed […]

Daily Diptych: 281-287/365

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We saw Finnegan chasing something through the kitchen and rescued this little guy. Sadly, he had already dropped his tail, but at least he didn’t get eaten! The girls were cautiously excited. Best use for fresh tomatoes? Chop up with some basil, olive oil, salt, pepper, and balsamic reduction. Then eat it with everything. I […]

Allison + Crispin + 1

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The forest fires might make the air smoky, but they also made the setting sun pretty and glowy! I had fun photographing this next stage of your guys life

Daily Diptych: 272-279/365

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A couple shots from the day I did the Sorenson Family shoot. I brought the girls along, which I normally wouldn’t do (of course) but they are friends and love my kids. Thanks Tami for getting that shot of me and Sunny! She loves me almost as much as she loves dill. And this is […]

Daily Dipytch: 267-271/365

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No she was not naked, yes she is very strange. Sometimes I bribe them to hug each other nicely in the evening light. And sometimes I forget to take a photo until it’s dark and the only person awake is myself. Offended. They each drew each other a mermaid picture. Ria has hers taped over […]

The Sorensons

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With the grandparents moving soon from the family home, I was asked to come take some family photos to help everyone remember their time on this gorgeous mountaintop property.

Daily Diptych: 262-266/365

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Our huge plum tree is ripe. Well, it’s not our tree, but so much of it hangs into our yard that I was able to make a few quarts of chinese plum sauce. So much yummier than what you get in your take out. Sand sculpture down at the park. I think that guy on […]

Canoe Fun

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My parents have always loved canoeing, but their canoe met a tragic end in a fire a few years back. A couple weeks ago they got a new one and we tested it out for an hour at Pass Creek. It was great to see my dad feel so content to be back on the […]

Daily Diptych: 256-261

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Ria was very excited to show me this thing she made. I’m not sure how the feather enhances the reading experience but I was informed that it was very important. (and yes, she is reading a bird guide). At her friend’s birthday party. She said to me “sometimes I just stare at the other kids.” […]

Coleman Reunion Part 2

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These were taken on our last day out in Alberta, a few last snuggles and stories with their grandparents before they are back to Chile for another two years. On our drive home we stopped at Frank Lake for some birding. We got caught out in the blind as a storm swept past bringing rain […]