Daily Diptych: 314-319

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Ria went to a birthday party at a ranch last week. Horse rides, bunny snuggles, new friends to play with, she had a great time I love autumn crocuses, they’re always a bright little surprise when you think all the flowers are done. There was nail polish in the party’s goody bag. Sparkly toe time! […]

Daily Diptych: 307-313/365

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What you’re missing here is the car sound effects. Fall is sneaking up on us Tomato harvest! I ordered the girls new boots from MyMayu. They are completely waterproof, have fleece liners for winter, and most importantly they can move and jump and run in them easily. We walked to school in them the next […]

Daily Diptych: 299-306/365

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Hanging out at the park with their buddy, Lewis. Sunny actually let me do her hair. Maybe I’ll let her grow it past her chin after all… I think she was making me some stew? yum. Pear sauce. I did nearly all my canning prep on the kitchen floor this year. The result? My back […]

Salmon at Kokanee Creek

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We went to Kokanee Creek last week to see the redfish. I feel like we’ve gone every year, but I could only find photos from two years ago and four years ago. So maybe we’ve gone every other year! We went from drizzle to sunshine to crazy downpour, but it was a fun way to […]

Daily Diptych: 293-297/365

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When she tells me that she wants something I tell her to go make it out of paper. She had a paper cell phone for a while…not sure how long this tactic will last. She dressed up like a snow queen and then drew a picture of herself dressed up like a snow queen. Dishes […]

Ryan + Michelle

Congratultions to this beautiful family! I was so glad that the rain kept to a drizzle long enough to get some shots in

Hello world!

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