Daily Diptych: A Smattering of October

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Alright guys, this is where my daily shooting all fell apart. So sad. I forgot my camera on a trip, lost my lens cap so that I couldn’t throw my camera in my purse, and just got too busy with client work. So many lame excuses. But this was our October: My current favourite scarf. […]

Why I Chose to Not Homeschool My Child

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When Ria was three, I didn’t send her to Preschool. I didn’t see the point, I was home with her and she was learning like a sponge. She got lots of social time with other kids, so…why would I pay for preschool? That’s when people started asking me if I was homeschooling my kids (not […]

Wildlife Centre in September

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Time to get caught up on my personal photos! These were taken on the last day of September on a gorgeous fall outing with my brother and niece. The most exciting part of the walk were the woolly bear caterpillars, who were doubtless all traumatized after our visit.

Minimalist Living with Kids

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Hello my friends, I wrote some posts on minimalism near the beginning of the year, but I never really gotten into the issue of minimalism with kids. As a reminder, my definition of minimalism is to have just the right amount of things. Not too few so that I can’t do what I need to, not […]

State of the Blog: November 2015

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I’m not sure if anyone cares about all this, but I feel the need to post an update and explain why I stopped writing on my blog, and why I’m back. At the beginning of 2015 I started up my blog over at Book Cover Bakery. I was really trying to be consistent with my […]

How I Found Freedom From Anxiety (and Stopped Yelling at my Kids)

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I have, a few times in my life, dealt with periods of terrible anxiety. For a while when I was a teenager, and then again in 2009. Both of those periods were triggered by the media and the church being hyped up about the end of the world (Y2K and the economic crash, respectively). I […]

See Nora Grow

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I’ve had the joy of photographing Nora even before she was born, and then again as a newborn. She’s getting so big and has the sweetest smile (although we had to work for it on this windy fall day). You can tell that this is one well loved little girl