Photo Life: December 13-25

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Waiting for the holiday train! I love how well trained Gracie is. The girls loved it. Ria thought the concert was a bit loud but Sunny was a dancing machine. On my shoulders. Tricky (but adorable). Sunny has been wearing this dress five days a week for the past couple months. You would think that […]

Nourishing Hot Eggnog

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Hot eggnog is one of my favourite drinks this winter. With a full farm egg and a serving of gelatin in your cup it’s more than a drink, it’s a liquid snack. So tell that chemical filled grocery store nonsense to move on over and give this recipe a try, you’ll never go back. I […]

Photo Life: November 20 – December 12

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These are pretty much the only photos I took in November. That’s a Viking boat for monkeys, if you were wondering. Decorating our skinny little tree. I love it. I love having it next to my desk at night and early morning when I’m working. Ria looking out. While the deer looks in. And some […]

Need a last minute gift idea?

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I just got my gift cards in! If any of my local readers want to learn how to gift a photoshoot to someone you love, email me at: hannasandvig(at)

5 Things I Learned by Taking Photos Every Day

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In 2013 I did a Project 365. My cousin (who is an amazing photographer) had decided to take a photo a day for a year, and convinced me to do it with her. I didn’t miss a single day (you can see them all here) and by the end of the year I was so […]