Motherstyles: Book Recommendation

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If you’ve spent much time around me, you will probably have heard me talking about the Myers-Briggs personality type indicator. I’m a bit of a nerd about personality types and MB has been by far the most useful for me. Myers’ Briggs has four pairs of traits to make 16 possible personality types: Introverted or ExtrovertedIntuition […]

Photo Life: January 9-22

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We’ve had a rough couple of weeks at the Sandvig household, with gross slushy weather outside and colds all around inside. This is how we stave off cabin fever, forts and pathways through the house. And another day of inside play And that’s all I’ve got for these past two weeks. Hopefully we have better […]

Minimalist Shoes for Kids

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After my post on my switch to minimalist or barefoot style shoes, I wanted to share what kind of shoes my kids wear. After looking through my photos from last year, it’s pretty clear that they actually don’t wear any shoes, as much as possible. They are just barefoot a lot. They almost never wear […]

Photo Life: December 26 – January 8

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Getting ready for a photo shoot the morning before heading to Creston for second Christmas. Admiring Granny’s spinning nativity. And then their cousin joined them we were treated to a very giggly puppet show. Blowing out the candles after our Christmas dinner (which took place on New Years Eve). And some gramma snuggles. Then home, […]

Stephanie + Todd

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On Tuesday I got to take the little ferry over to Glade and hang out with Stephanie and Todd n a winter wonderland. You guys were amazing, I’m so excited to do your wedding this summer!

The Jmayoffs

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Squeezed in a snowy photoshoot on Monday before we headed to my parents for late Christmas. I had a lot of fun with you guys, great location suggestion Katelyn!

My Minimalist Shoe Wardrobe

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A year and a half ago I threw out all my shoes. Okay, not quite, but pretty close, because that’s when I made the switch to minimalist footwear. Now I know talk about minimalism in terms of not owning too many things, but that’s not why I had a footwear change of heart (although I […]