My Gramma’s Perfect Pie Crust

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My maternal grandmother was the queen of pastry.  Her pies were a thing of beauty and the crust always turned out perfectly.  My mother swears by this same recipe.  I grew up with amazing pie crusts and was deeply disappointed by the first store bought pie I tasted.  I still can’t bring myself to buy […]

Simple Chocolate Pudding (THM – FP)

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This simple chocolate pudding reminds me of the pudding my mom made when I was a kid.  You know, the jello brand chocolate pudding.  Full of who knows what.  This recipe, however, is full of things that are awesome for you.  As a side note, I remember when some kid told me that jello was […]

Strawberry Shortcake

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Strawberry season has arrived!  Strawberries are another food that I don’t tend to eat out of season.  I love that first strawberry of the year, it just tastes like summer.  I buy flats and freeze them for smoothies all winter, and then we eat and eat them until the season is over. One of my […]

Honey Mint Ice Cream

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It’s 30 degrees out this evening and the girls are running around screeching in the sprinkler with their daddy while I write.  In other words, it’s clearly ice cream season!  I love ice cream and I’m determined to give my ice cream maker a solid workout this summer. This ice cream is sweetened with honey […]

Homemade Eat-More Bars

We went on a spontaneous trip to visit my mom yesterday.  Craig wanted to drive to Cranbrook to see if he could find the tufted duck that had been spotted there (very rare.  Running after rare birds is called twitching.  I’m not kidding.  See, you even learn British birder slang on this blog, I’m so educational!), and […]

Grain-Free Chocolate Birthday Cake

Sunny turned one on Sunday and we had birthday cake for her on Monday.  I’ve been working on this grain-free chocolate cake recipe, and I love how it turned out.  It’s incredibly moist and very chocolately.  Not too sweet, especially with the raspberry whipped cream and mascarpone frosting. The cake is made with coconut flour […]

Grain-Free Almond Butter Cookies

I love to bake cookies.  I find it oddly therapeutic.  Something about the mixing and the rolling the dough in my hands.  So, while we’ve given up wheat, I’m not ready to give up cookies.  Ria loves to help stir and to roll the dough balls.  Her balls are a little deflated and not very circular, […]

Easy Paleo Frosting

My little girls have their birthdays next month (Ria will be three and Sunny…my baby! will be one).  I thought it would be fun to see if I could come up with some awesome paleo chocolate cake for the occasion.  If not, no big deal but it’s a fun challenge.  And if we have to […]