Early Gardening

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Early Gardening

It was a gorgeous morning and there are hardly any bits of snow in the yard left so clearly it was a gardening day! The bears did a number on our strawberry plants last fall so I was glad to see some green in their patch. The girls thought we should plant everything. Sadly it […]

Daily Diptych: 11/365

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I took the girls out to do some gardening but it was pretty cold.  Sunny just sobbed (really not living up to her nickname this month…) so we didn’t last long.  Going to have to toughen her up. I managed to dig up my stevia plant.  I harvested it in September, and it still looks […]

Good Morning

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What’s nicer than walking out into a quiet, dew-fresh morning and picking some kale and little tomatoes to go in your scrambled eggs?  Not much.  I love summer.  Now to enjoy my tea while the girls run around in the yard. In case you think my life is total bliss, I have to take them […]

A Homemade Cup of Tea

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My little Sochi tea sapling is settling in well in my backyard.  It’s still just a wee little thing but I’ve gotten a few cups of tea from it.  I’ve been mixing it with the spearmint from my front garden bed and it’s pretty much the best tea I’ve ever had. Apparently tea can be […]

It’s planting time!

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May long weekend is when you plant most of your garden in the Kootenays.  I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this much before, but if you’re just getting started you need to learn this things from the gardeners in your area.  When should you plant, what grows well in your area, what needs to be […]

It’s Bokashi time!

Worst photo ever?  It’s possible.  Will I take a better one?  Unlikely as it is compost! Okay, moving on from the photo.  I am a bad composter.  I pretty much just huck things in a bin.  I don’t turn it or anything and I mostly forget to use it.  I went out and made (asked) […]

A Garden Update

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It’s been a bit since my last garden update, and even though these photos are only a week and a half old, it’s changed a lot again!  This time of year is just that way, amazing growth all over.  I’ll take new photos and catch you all the way up next week, but here’s a […]

I’m growing tea!

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Meet my new little plant friend.  It’s a tea bush.  I’m pretty excited, I had no idea it would be possible to grow my own tea this far north.  This variety comes from Sochi (home of the next winter olympics!) in southern Russia, which is apparently the most northern tea producer in the world.  I […]

Growing some flowers

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Okay, I believe I’ve mentioned that I’m a very rookie gardener.  I have been trying to figure out how to grow vegetables for a few years now, but this year I decided to be crazy and attempt flower gardening.  Last year I managed to get my little shade garden established in front of the house, […]

Peas and Radishes

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It felt a bit odd (in the best possible way) to be out in the sunshine doing some gardening this weekend when we had just left two feet of snow behind on Thursday.  Oh Alberta, may I never live there again.  So, it was gardening time! I’m feeling ambitious this year (I always feel ambitious […]