Kitchn Cure: Day 3 (with a hint of 4)

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Yesterday’s challenge was to organize all my tools and gadgets.  Pretty much all the cupboards and drawers that don’t have food.  I was looking forward to this one as I had a some spots that weren’t working well.  Also, I have a dresser that I need to finish painting, and therefore probably shouldn’t have filled…but […]

Kitchn Cure: Day 2

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So, today’s Kitchn Cure assignment was to clean out my food storage cupboards.  Not nearly as frightening as my freezer, but still good to get done. And if you are thinking that it’s amazing that all my food storage is in two little cupboards, I have canning shelves in the basement.  All my canning, bulk […]

Kitchn Cure: Day 1

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Okay, so for some reason I decided to join in on the Kitchn Cure.  As if all the canning and soup making this time of year isn’t enough, I’m also going to clean and reorganize my kitchen!  Because it really needs it. I was supposed to take a before shot of my whole kitchen but […]