Spring 30 for 30: Part 1

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Spring 30 for 30: Part 1

I’m halfway through my capsule wardrobe experiment! I’ve taken photos of every outfit except for the one day where I worked from home all day in yoga pants. I’m not actually taking photos everyday, I do them in batches. But I’m posting on instagram daily. It’s actually not a bad thing as it makes me […]

My Spring 30 for 30 Capsule Wardrobe

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My Spring 30 for 30 Capsule Wardrobe

Hey guys, here are the clothes I’ve picked for the 30 for 30 challenge. You may note that there are only 26 items. I don’t actually like the rest of my clothes, so I’m leaving some room for shopping or sewing. Or shorts if the weather gets warm!  To be fair, I don’t actually love […]

30 for 30 (a minimalist wardrobe experiment)

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30 for 30 (a minimalist wardrobe experiment)

Am I the only one who looks at posts about seasonal capsule wardrobes, or cutting your closet down to just 40 hangers and tries not to roll her eyes a little? When I first started going through my possessions with a minimalist’s desire to cut down to the things I actually use and love (and […]

Minimalist Living with Kids

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Hello my friends, I wrote some posts on minimalism near the beginning of the year, but I never really gotten into the issue of minimalism with kids. As a reminder, my definition of minimalism is to have just the right amount of things. Not too few so that I can’t do what I need to, not […]

Thoughts on a Minimalist Pantry

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I cleaned out my kitchen cupboards last week.  Again.  I almost feel silly blogging about it because I have twice before been all proud of myself for organizing my cupboards.  The cupboards with dishes and pots and whatnot seem to improve each time, but the cupboards with food just look more organized for a few […]

This is Not my Minimalism

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I posted last week about how I am defining minimalism in my home, but it was getting a bit long.  I decided to save another post for the things that might come to mind when you think of minimalism, but are not what I am doing. This is not what I mean by minimalism: A […]

This is My Minimalism

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I mentioned in my New Years Goals that I wanted to continue pursuing minimalism at home, and this prompted some of my friends to say “tell me more!” And so, here we go.  I wanted to start by not telling you how many things I’m throwing out, or some great organizing techniques, but by explaining […]