Baby Caelen

Got to sneak in some baby snuggles with my cousin’s littlest one yesterday. So sweet. So stubborn about sleeping for me. I still kind of wanted to steal him.

Baby Nora

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This little cutie objected loudly to everything until near the end of the session we put her in that little dress.  Boom, sound asleep.  Clearly, this little princess likes to be dressed appropriately for the occasion.

Baby Arya

While my girls were snuggling puppies, I got to hang out with this sweet little thing.  And she made us work for every half smile!

Baby Gabriel

Sweet little Gabriel.  He was such a sound sleeper, mom was trying her best to wake him near the end to get some photos of his eyes, but he was having none of it.

Daily Diptych: 5/365

I got to hang out with this sweet little guy today.  More photos to come soon

Baby Jimmy

My friend Sarah’s newest little one, Jimmy.  So sweet.

Baby Lewis

My dear friends, Noah and Melissa, welcomed their little boy to the world last Sunday.  Lewis is just as sweet as he looks!

Baby Isabelle

I got to meet my cousin’s sweet baby girl last week.  Such nice baby snuggles!