Lucky #3

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Lucky #3

This is my “sorry that I haven’t been blogging more but this is why” post.  We are due with #3 in February! Yes, that’s right, another February baby, the girls will be 5 and 7 that month.  I’ll admit that I’m a bit apprehensive about that big gap and starting all over with a new […]

A little bit of May

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A little bit of May

I’m catching up on my May photos (I know, I’m the slowest, but you can always follow me on instagram for more timely photos!). My parents came for dinner and musical shenanigans ensued. I can’t even begin to tell you how happy this photo makes me. My little invasive species. And a circus performance by […]

April Catch-up

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April Catch-up

I dove into Instagram this month and realized I’ve been terrible about putting my photos up here as well. So here’s a quick April overview, and if you want to see my photos in a more timely manner, follow me on Instagram @honeyandhuckleberries! Snails, snuggles, princess ninja’s, and camas lilies, that about sums up my […]

Sunny turns four!

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Sunny turns four!

Wednesday was Sunny’s fourth birthday. We met my parents and my niece at the ferry landing and had lunch before heading to spend the afternoon at the hot springs. Sunny is a little fish, so it was the perfect way to spend her birthday. As if it wasn’t hard enough on my mommy heart to […]

Photo Life: January 23 – Feb 05

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I’ve actually taken a lot of photos these last couple weeks, so there’ll be more to come. But for now, here’s a couple random photos from painting time. And Ria’s first time skating. The kindergarten class went and she was pretty nervous but did so well. And I can’t lie, I needed the cage too […]

Photo Life: January 9-22

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We’ve had a rough couple of weeks at the Sandvig household, with gross slushy weather outside and colds all around inside. This is how we stave off cabin fever, forts and pathways through the house. And another day of inside play And that’s all I’ve got for these past two weeks. Hopefully we have better […]

Photo Life: December 26 – January 8

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Getting ready for a photo shoot the morning before heading to Creston for second Christmas. Admiring Granny’s spinning nativity. And then their cousin joined them we were treated to a very giggly puppet show. Blowing out the candles after our Christmas dinner (which took place on New Years Eve). And some gramma snuggles. Then home, […]

Photo Life: December 13-25

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Waiting for the holiday train! I love how well trained Gracie is. The girls loved it. Ria thought the concert was a bit loud but Sunny was a dancing machine. On my shoulders. Tricky (but adorable). Sunny has been wearing this dress five days a week for the past couple months. You would think that […]

Photo Life: November 20 – December 12

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These are pretty much the only photos I took in November. That’s a Viking boat for monkeys, if you were wondering. Decorating our skinny little tree. I love it. I love having it next to my desk at night and early morning when I’m working. Ria looking out. While the deer looks in. And some […]