Todd + Stephanie

Todd + Stephanie

We were dodging rain showers, fat slugs, and a million bugs but seriously, is there anything more fun than a wedding in the forest? 

Lisa’s Grad

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Lisa’s Grad

Congratulations gorgeous girl!

Danielle + Family

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Danielle + Family

Syringa at golden hour is my happy place, bring on those warm evening photoshoots!

Nora is One!

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Nora is One!

So fun watching little clients grow up! This kid made us work for every smile but when they came they were huge and infectious Happy Birthday little girl!

Stephanie + Todd

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On Tuesday I got to take the little ferry over to Glade and hang out with Stephanie and Todd n a winter wonderland. You guys were amazing, I’m so excited to do your wedding this summer!

The Jmayoffs

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Squeezed in a snowy photoshoot on Monday before we headed to my parents for late Christmas. I had a lot of fun with you guys, great location suggestion Katelyn!

5 Things I Learned by Taking Photos Every Day

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In 2013 I did a Project 365. My cousin (who is an amazing photographer) had decided to take a photo a day for a year, and convinced me to do it with her. I didn’t miss a single day (you can see them all here) and by the end of the year I was so […]

See Nora Grow

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I’ve had the joy of photographing Nora even before she was born, and then again as a newborn. She’s getting so big and has the sweetest smile (although we had to work for it on this windy fall day). You can tell that this is one well loved little girl

Some Leafy Animation

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I just couldn’t resist, they had so much fun