Project 365: Happy New Years!

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Here are my last two photos!  Yesterday the girls were sick and low energy.  Finny is always happy to snuggle. And today Craig built the girls an awesome fort in the back yard.  I tried to do something amusing with candles, with dubious results. Happy New Years from the Sandvigs! I’m not taking a photo […]

Project 365: Week 52

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2 days left! – An armful of grandbabies– Yarrr!– Aspen got this tunnel for Christmas. I might need to get one for us, as it is apparently hilarious.– Cousins – Tree– My monkey loving girl got a curious George stuffy for Christmas.  They were super tired from all the Christmas adventures and have done a […]

Project 365: Week 51

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Week 51!  Yeah! – Ria was still sick with a stomach bug (she’s better now) and her little sister was taking good care of her.– Sunny came shopping with me, pajama pants are super fun.– Turkeys!– Sunny reading aloud to us at Strong Start (very entertaining)– Checking out all the ornaments on Tami’s Christmas tree– […]

Project 365: Week 50

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Apparently there was a lot of snuggles on the couch this week! – I’ve been working on Sunny’s Christmas present while she naps.   Ria and I watch Christmas movies.  And Fantasia, but only the good parts.– Sunny hates walking in the snow.  Refuses to do it.– Finnegan likes all the cozy snuggles this week.– […]

Project 365: Week 49

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I don’t know what this week was like for you, but over here it was bright and cold.  So cold!  Okay, so not compared to Alberta.  But seriously, that’s why I don’t live in Alberta. Moving on… – Ria at Strong Start.  It was a quiet day and she had all the baby dolls to […]

Project 365: Week 48

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Winter has arrived this week! – They miss their daddy when he works nights all weekend.– My gorgeous amaryllis.  It’s done now, but I was in love with it’s dark red velvet tones.– Sometimes she plays quietly.– First snow that Sunny has been able to play in this year.– Ria loves her dance class!  I […]

Project 365: Week 47

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– Playing piano at Jen’s– Playing in the freezing dripping rain.  For a few minutes, anyway.– Trouble– The beautiful aspen grove by our house had to lose some trees, they were knocking out the power lines.  Sad.  The girls were very impressed with the big trucks and chainsaws!– Posing for photos to get attention.  It […]

Project 365: Week 46

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Apparently my younger child was more cooperative this week. – Sunshine!  We had a couple pretty warm days this week.  I can’t convince Sunny that it’s a mouse on her toque, she’s sure it’s a cat.– Waking up from nap time.– Playing outside after swimming at the pool (we went outside anytime it wasn’t cold […]

Project 365: Week 45

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It’s still being all cold and drippy and November-like.  We had bit of slushy snow one day, but that’s all.  Ria started dance lessons which was adorable.  I wasn’t supposed to be in there, so I decided not to be a creepy stalker with my camera from the door.  Maybe next week. – Hide and […]

Project 365: Week 44

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Well, my sunny October has turned into a damp and chilly November.  We got home from my parents on Wednesday and I promptly got sick again.  All is well now, but it’s still kinda dreary. – We did a lot of playing with leaves and hunting for walnuts on the farm – I attempted a […]