Project 52: Week 5

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I don’t have much to say about this week.  They were apparently being beeeeautiful flowers in pots.

Project 52: Week 4

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Sunny’s very favourite thing is Curious George.  Her grandparents got her a George stuffy for Christmas, and her aunt and uncle got the girls a treasury of George stories. She reads that big book every day, usually out loud to herself for a half hour or more.  She also loves it when we read it […]

Project 52: Week 3

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Sunny wants to play just like her big sister, so they each wore one of Ria’s leotards and a pair of ballet slippers.  Perfect clothes for January?  I guess jumping on the bed keeps them warm.

Project 52: Week 2

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It was a beautiful snowy morning yesterday.  Ria has been begging to make a snowman since winter started, but this was the first time we had snow that was sticky enough.  While not as impressive as Craig’s snowman last year, I like this little guy.  Ria helped pack snow, Sunny wandered around complaining about the […]

Project 52: Week 1

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It’s a new year!  While I loved the regular photos I took for my project 365 last year, I’m not going to try and shoot daily again this year.  It was awesome, but a lot of work and constantly on my mind.  Also, the girls were getting camera shy!  So for 2014, I’m doing a […]