Daily photos: 116-119/365 (and a warning to not read if you’re a vegetarian)

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On Monday we went down to Creston via Nelson and the ferry.  This seemed like a fun idea but in reality took a million years and we were all a bit grumpy by the end.  On the plus side, we were on the ferry for golden hour and it was amazingly beautiful. The purpose of […]

Apples and Oatmeal Oven Pancake (THM-E)

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I am a big breakfast eater.  This is kind of funny because for all of my childhood and teen years I hated breakfast and could barely choke a shake down.  Now I wake up starving every morning.  It’s a good thing, because breakfast is awesome. With the THM eating plan, you can either eat a […]

2014? Bring it.

We started The 21 Day Sugar Detox today.  Craig and I, no one wants to detox toddlers, right?  They’re cranky enough?  Anyway, that’s who the cheddar bunnies are for.  So the detox, it’s three weeks without sweets, fruit (we are allowed a green tipped banana or -/and?  I need to look that up- a green […]

Real Food on a Budget Part 1: Waste Less

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We spend too much on food.  Now I don’t mean to imply that there is some sort of magical amount that you should aim for.  $100 a week is never going to be a reality for my family.  I believe that food is the most important part of our budget, as it affects our health […]

Which Egg Is Best?

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Since we started eating Primal, we go through a lot of eggs!  Like 4 dozen a week.  I know that some people’s reaction to that is to buy the cheapest eggs they can, but my feeling is that if eggs make up that much of our diet, I want them to be the most nutrient […]