Daily Diptych: 62/365 (And a look at 2014)

 My New Years Eve was very lively, as you can see.  Okay, so we did go out to a friend’s house for a bit, but we were home by 9 (still much too late for Sunny who was sobbing about her missing sock…why don’t you just keep them on your feet?) and Craig was in […]

2014? Bring it.

We started The 21 Day Sugar Detox today.  Craig and I, no one wants to detox toddlers, right?  They’re cranky enough?  Anyway, that’s who the cheddar bunnies are for.  So the detox, it’s three weeks without sweets, fruit (we are allowed a green tipped banana or -/and?  I need to look that up- a green […]