Simple Chocolate Pudding (THM – FP)

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This simple chocolate pudding reminds me of the pudding my mom made when I was a kid.  You know, the jello brand chocolate pudding.  Full of who knows what.  This recipe, however, is full of things that are awesome for you.  As a side note, I remember when some kid told me that jello was […]

Blender Tea Lattes (THM-S)

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For a long time I was doing very well with sticking to the Trim Healthy Mama eating plan, with one large exception: Lattes.  I love my hot drinks and having a yummy chai or matcha latte while grocery shopping (the Starbucks in Safeway is such a clever things) is one of the small luxuries that […]

Planning my Trim Healthy Mama Fuel Cycle

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I’ve been (mostly) following the Trim Healthy Mama eating plan since last Spring and I am a pretty big fan.  You can read more about it here but it encourages me to eat healthy and balanced, and I’ve lost over half of the baby weight (is it still called baby weight when they aren’t babies […]

Apples and Oatmeal Oven Pancake (THM-E)

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I am a big breakfast eater.  This is kind of funny because for all of my childhood and teen years I hated breakfast and could barely choke a shake down.  Now I wake up starving every morning.  It’s a good thing, because breakfast is awesome. With the THM eating plan, you can either eat a […]

Trim Healthy Mama and Me

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I’ve been in this mode the past year.  A “learn all of the things!” mode (INTJ mode?).  Specifically, I’ve been trying to pull myself back together since having the girls.  I don’t know that you could have ever called me super in-shape, but two children didn’t do much to improve my health (sorry girls, I […]